Monday, 10 March 2014

What Amazon editors recommend for Spring 2014

This time I'm not exactly reviewing anything myself. I have come across this video featuring Amazon editors reviewing their favourites from the mass of new productions of Spring 2014, and I thought hey, if it doesn't cost a dime, it's right up my alley! Talking about the video, of course. For the books, unfortunately (for readers) money will be requested.

There is a lot of debut in the list: authors who publish for the first time (and what a publicity they're getting!) or authors who change the course of their usual genres.
For convenience, here's the list of books they're talking about:

Recommended by
Junot Diaz and
Glen Duncan
(Out on May 6)
Recommended by
Publishers Weekly
(out on May 6)
Recommended by
Kiera Parrott
and Carolyn Phelan
(Out on March 18)
Recommended by
John Green and
Scott Westerfeld
(Out on May 13)
Recommended by
Maria Semple and
Adriana Trigiani
(Out on May 29)

Recommended by
Anthony Bourdain and
Gary Shteyngart
(Out on April 3)
Recommended by
Jodi Picoult and
Stephen King
(Out on March 13)
Recommended by
Mari Malcolm
(Out on March 13)
Recommended by
Financial Times
(Out on July 4)

Most of these books are out between March and May this year (with the exception of The Detainee, strategically planned to be launched on 4th of July), so there's still time to think if they're worth purchasing. But some of the reviews in the clip are passionate enough to give one a tingle in the cerebellum. For those who have been persuaded, pre-orders are available, of course.
Note: the last four books in my cover list are not provided with Amazon links, so they won't feature in my 'Find Books on Amazon' list on the right hand side of this blog.